OHANNES GEUKJIAN AND FARAH ABOU HARB: “Why Did Russia’s Mediation in the Syrian Conflict Fail in Making Peace?”

JOSEPH ALAGHA: “Gender-Based Violence: Law 293/2014 and the Rights of Women in Lebanon”

JOHN FISHER: “Our Man in Fez: James Maciver Macleod”

PIERRE VERMEREN: “Comment le Maroc des Villes est rattrapé par les Contestations dans ses Périphéries.”

ISMAIL LALA: “Outpourers and Receptacles: The Emergence of The Cosmos in the Sufi Thought Of Muhyi̅y Al-Di̅n Ibn ‘Arabi̅ and ‘Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Qa̅sha̅ni̅”

FITZROY MORRISSEY and RONALD NETTLER: “Ibn Khaldu̅n on Sufism: A Story of Truth vs. Falsehood in Three Parts”

ISMAIL LALA: “Ibn ‘Arabi̅ and the Guarded Tablet (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfu̅z?)”

AHMED FAROUK: “L'éphémère installation de Moulay Hafid sur le trône du Maroc et ses consésuences politiques.”

MAHMOOD MONSHIPOURI and ALEXANDRA K. LIPTON: “Protecting the Basic Rights of Syrian Refugees: Searching for a New Paradigm”


VOL. 44, No. 1, 2019

Maghreb Review Vol 44 No 1 2019

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GEOFFREY BAREI: “The Suez Canal Crisis of 1956 and Its Linkage to the Algerian War of Independence”

SAMIR SAUL: “Setting Up a French Military-Industrial Complex in Algeria (1945-1959)”

HARTMUT ELSENHANS: “Révolution sociale et transition vers le Capitalism. Du bon usage des Rents”

YAHIA ZOUBIR and DJALLIL LOUNNAS: “L’Algérie face à l’arc des menaces: Quelle stratégie?”

FÁTIMA FERNÁNDEZ: “Une ‘sortie’ en cachette: la discrète disparition de l’Algérie du Marché commun européen (1957-1976)”

Abstracts of Ph.D theses on Algeria presented at British Universities, 2002 To 2017, Curated and Edited By MOHAMED BEN-MADANI



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