GEOFFREY BAREI: “The Suez Canal Crisis of 1956 and its Linkage to the Algerian War of Independence”

SAMIR SAUL: “Setting Up a French Military-Industrial Complex in Algeria (1945-1959)”

HARTMUT ELSENHANS: “Révolution Sociale et Transition vers le Capitalism du Bon Usage des Rents”

YAHIA ZOUBIR and DJALLIL LOUNNAS: “L’Algérie Face à l’Arc des Menaces: Quelle Stratégie?”

FÁTIMA FERNÁNDEZ: “Une ‘sortie’ en cachette: la discrète disparition de l’Algérie du Marché commun européen (1957-1976)”

Abstracts of English Language Ph.D Theses on Algeria Presented at British Universities 2002 To 2017, Curated and Edited By MOHAMED BEN-MADANI


VOL. 43, No. 4, 2018

Maghreb Review Vol 43 No 4 2018

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MAHMOOD MONSHIPOURI and ARMON GOHARBIN: “The Persistence of Borders: ISIL’s Downfall in Regional and Global Perspective”

MICHAEL B. BISHKU: “Turkey’s Relations with the Maghreb States of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia”

MICHAEL M. GUNTER: “The US-Turkish Confrontation in Syria: A New Crisis for NATO”

EFRAT AVIV: “15 July 2016 Coup Attempt – A Turkish Perspective”

JACOB ABADI: “The Al-Nahda Party in Tunisia: Moderation and Flexibility in an Islamist Party’s Strategy”

MOHAMED BEN-MADANI: “Conference Report, XXVII Economic Forum Conference, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, 4–6 September 2018”

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A Manifesto for the Twenty-First Century
Un Manifeste pour le XXIème Siècle



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