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Held at
Mansfield College, Oxford
6-8 July 2003

The proceedings were published in
Vol. 29, Nos. 1-4, 2004.

(NB: Dr Yasin Dutton’s paper listed below was not submitted for publication).

Maghreb Review Vol 29 Nos 1-4 2004

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The 20th International Annual Conference of THE MAGHREB REVIEW took place at Mansfield College, Oxford from 6-8 July 2003. The main theme was The Religion of the Other and the following papers were presented. The Conference was in Honour of Professor Mohamed Talbi.

Professor Mohamed El Mansour ( Université Mohammed V Rabat) Maghrebi Islam Observed: Faith and Culture in Morocco.

Professor Allan Christelow (Idaho State University), Bashir Ibrahimi and the Islamic encounter with European secular and Religious Faiths.

Professor Marco Impagliazzo, (Community of Saint' Egidio, Rome), The Church in Algeria and the War of Independence.

Dr Yehoshua Frenkel, ( University of Haifa), Jewish-Islamic Relations in Fez at the Turn of the 19th Century in the light of Juridical Documents: Islamic Court Documents from the Asarraf Collection.

Professor John R Willis, ( Princeton University), Beasts, Jinn and Angels: The 'Virtual World' of Ibn Khaldūn.

Professor Raymond P.Scheindlin, (Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York), Islamic Motifs in the Pilgrimage Poetry of Judah Halevi.

Dr Fatima Harrack, ( Université Mohammed V, Rabat), Shari'a and Tariqa in Ahmed B Twiyyar al-Janna's Fayd al-Mannan. A Modern Formulation of an Old Debate in Islam.

Mr Ronald L. Nettler, (University of Oxford), Ibn 'Arabi's Discussion of Jonah's Wisdom in the Fusus al-Hikam.

Dr Yasin Dutton, (University of Edinburgh) Muslims in Non-Muslim Countries: Some Considerations of Fiqh.

Dr Christopher Melchert (University of Oxford), The Hanbali Madhhab and Non-Muslims.

Mr Zidane Khoulif, (Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III), L'importance de "la Foi de l'Autre" dans la pensée de Malek Bennabi.

Professor Josef Van Ess, (Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen), Tolerance and Pluralism in Classical Islam.

Dr Helena de Felipe, ( Instituto de Filologia, Madrid), Islam in Spanish Colonial Literature.

Dr Beverly B.Mack, (University of Kansas), Muslim Women Scholars in Maghrebi and Sub-Saharan African History: Morocco and Northern Nigeria.

Mr. Ismael M.Montana, (York University, Toronto), Bori and Religious Identity of the black Slave Community in the Regency of Tunis, Circa 1813.

Ms Jean Boyd, (Penrith, Cumbria,UK), and Ms Mirjam Lammers, (Islam en Burgerschap, The Hague), Anti Islamic Press Bias: A Prime example from the Netherlands involving Contemporary Muslim Women and a 19th Century West African Scholar.

Prof. Hanna E. Kassis, (The University of British Columbia, Vancouver), A Thirteenth-Century Polemical Debate Between Ibn Rashīq of Mursiyah and a Priest from Marrākush

David L. Johnston, Fuzzy reformist-Islamic borders: Malek Bennabi and Rachid Ghannouchi on civilization

Bibliographie de M. Mohamed Talbi.



The Conference sessions were Chaired by:
Professor Jamil Abun-Nasr,Bayreuth,
Professor Hédi Bouraoui, York University, Toronto,
Mr Ronald L.Nettler, University of Oxford,
Professor Murray Last, University College London